Top Race RC Excavator

This Top Race RC Excavator is super cool. Over the years, since we have two kids and my husband loves quadcopters, we have had quite a few RC products in our home but this is by far the coolest thing that I think we’ve ever had.

We got this [amazon text=excavator&asin=B0157CGVZ8] for our son but really he is too young for it now so I think it will be more for us to play with until he gets older. If nothing else he can put it in demo mode and watch it do everything which in itself is quite impressive.

Some of my favorite things about this product:

Rechargeable battery with a charger for the [amazon text=excavator&asin=B0157CGVZ8]. I don’t have to invest in a bushel of large batteries that will inevitably die quickly because no one in my house knows how to turn anything off. Sidetone: you will need (2) AA batteries for the controller but we always have those around.

The controller is pretty simple to use and a couple of the buttons have diagrams to help you remember what does what. When you get this all the controller information is on the box, there is no users manual but really I don’t think you need one.

This thing can really dig. We go camping at the beach and my son is going to have a ton of fun of this while we’re there, and by my son I mean me; I am going to be having a ton of fun with it. 🙂

The bucket is metal which is great because since you can actually dig with this you want it to hold up.

There are so many motions and movements that this can do but it really isn’t that hard to figure out how to do them.

There is a button to turn off the lights and the sound!!!! I know the kids love the flashing lights and sounds but as parent’s that is how a lot of toys get “broken”, as in, “oops sorry honey that noisy toy doesn’t seem to work any more, how about playing with a silent stuffed animal” 🙂

I am super excited to give this to my son, it is a great gift that he will be able to grow into and until he is truly old enough to use it properly (suggested age is 12). Mommy will just have to keep testing it to make sure that it still works for the next few years. 😉

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0157CGVZ8]

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