Owl Google Cardboard

First I have to admit that I knew pretty much nothing about google cardboard before I got this. I had seen basic information about it and thought it had an unfortunate name which made it sound unappealing and cheap. If you are also not familiar with google cardboard look into it. It is so cool. All that being said here is the information about this specific google cardboard inspired product.

The design of this [amazon text=Owl Google Cardboard Kit&asin=B018DR6F9Q] is spectacular. I’m not just talking about it looking like an owl which in itself is fantastic, I’m talking about how compact it is when in storage and how little material is used. Not only have I used this comfortably but so has my daughter, my 4 year old, and my husband so it is functional for multiple age groups.

There are no instructions when you get this other than basic diagrams on how to unfold it for use. You are going to want to download the google cardboard app to get started and to learn a little more about google cardboard. I did have a problem with my samsung galaxy s4 in that I couldn’t scan the QR code on the kit because my stupid phone wouldn’t focus. Also, with my phone in its Otterbox case if I tried to enclose the phone tightly it turned my phone off. I had no issues with my husband’s Iphone 5c and that was also in an Otterbox case.

Once you have it all set up that is all you need to do other than download apps or go to the youtube 360 degree channel to look at videos. Please note that as I am writing this the youtube channel does not work with Iphone only Android devices.

My only complaint about this other than the fact that my phone doesn’t sit in there tightly is that when you first get it there is a strong scent that goes away in about a day. Otherwise my husband, kids, my husband’s co-workers and anyone that I have shown this to are very impressed with this [amazon text=Owl Google Cardboard Inspired Kit&asin=B018DR6F9Q].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B018DR6F9Q]

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