Supershop Tetris Constructible Light

This Tetris light is really neat. I would say that I love it but there are a couple of small issues with it, now if you asked my kids they 100% love this [amazon text=light&asin=B014EN8DDE].

I have no clue how this [amazon text=light&asin=B014EN8DDE] works, it is like magic to me. I could understand if the edges were metal to create a connection but they’re plastic. I assume that the connections are inside the blocks but no matter what this concept is fantastic.

There is one piece that always has to be on the bottom and that is the blue piece. This is where you plug in your power cord and there is an on/off switch on the back. This piece can either be vertical or horizontal but I’ve found that the system works much better when it is horizontal.

The thing to remember when using this [amazon text=light&asin=B014EN8DDE] is that the blocks do not lock together and if there are not connected just right the lights won’t work. You can see in my video that my kids have figured it out pretty well and they are 4 and 11. You can stack these high but it pretty unstable you can even make it so they are not compact and they look like they’re just laying on top of each other and it will still work.

This would be such a cool gift to give to a kid or an adult. I worry about what happens when a bulb burns out, I’m not sure if they can be easily changed. Also the quality is not the most amazing that I’ve seen and that is partly because it is made of plastic but really I don’t know an alternative material that could be safely used. My kids have dropped these multiple times and it didn’t seem to have an effect on them.

No matter what this is a great conversation piece, both of my kids love it, and I find it pretty amazing. If there was a way to make the blocks lock together a little better and at least make the base was made a little heavier so that it worked better vertically I would like this [amazon text=light&asin=B014EN8DDE] even more.

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