Vancona Cat Necklace


I love the vintage look of this Vancona Cat Necklace. Cats similar to these were very popular in the 50’s and I love so many things from the 1950’s that I was immediately drawn to this necklace, plus I have a cat and my knitting business is called knit kitty so I kind of have a fondness for cats.

All that being said I didn’t get this for me, I got [amazon text=this necklace&asin=B0177D4N5K] for my daughter for Christmas because she too likes cats and I knew should would like this a lot.

The measurements for this are included in the video part of this review. The chain is adjustable in case you are wondering.

The contrast of the pink eyes against the crystal cat make for a dramatic piece.

This would make a great gift for any little girl or anyone who likes cats or vintage inspired pieces. It’s very sparkly and has a great retro look.

I’m very happy with this [amazon text=cat necklace&asin=B0177D4N5K]¬†and I hope my daughter will be too!

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0177D4N5K]

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