Super Deal Collapsible Folding Wagon

This folding wagon was something I have been needing for a while now. In the summer my family camps a lot and we like to go to street sales. When my son was still in a stroller it made things easier because I always had something to hold things either while going to places on camping trips or especially yards sales and street sales but now that he is older I have nothing, that is until this arrived.

For the most part I like everything about this [amazon text=wagon&asin=B01CS09JQ0] the exception being the canopy piece. It is a great idea but really a solution where it is removable would easily make this a much better product. The vertical bars that hold the canopy are permanent which makes the whole thing cumbersome when it is folded up.

Otherwise there are so many things I like about this [amazon text=wagon&asin=B01CS09JQ0]. It was pretty easy to put together, you will need a few tools and you have to pay attention to which way the front wheels are facing but I had it all assembled in about 1/2 hour (that includes dealing with children breaks). All of the red parts with the exception of the canopy velcro to the frame; this means that if you have things in them and only want to carry those and not the whole [amazon text=wagon&asin=B01CS09JQ0] you just unhook them and take them where you need them; the main section even has handles to make this easier. The smaller back part does completely come off which is a nice feature. There are cup holders on the front of the [amazon text=wagon&asin=B01CS09JQ0] as well but I think they could have been a little bigger, I don’t think they will accommodate larger beverages.

When this folds up it is a little smaller than a jogging stroller and about the same weight. I was going to get dimensions for this but I forgot and already packed it away for my next trip. This does fold up easily but I think it would have been nice if there had been tabs or something on the outside of the frame that showed you exactly where to lift it so you don’t pinch your fingers; I’m not saying that you will pinch your fingers just that it is a possibility.

Because this does not have a solid bottom you can feel the frame through the red material; this means you probably don’t want to use this for children, in my opinion it is strictly for carrying items but it does a good job of that. We had 3 skateboards, 2 full size camping chairs, a tool box and a large outdoor camping area rug on this and it did great, I was even able to take it down stairs easily. It has certainly helped us with loading and unloading for long camping trips. Also because the front wheels swivel this maneuvers very well.

If the canopy were not permanently attached and if the other smaller items I mentioned were different I would love this product, for now I really like it, it is proving to be more useful than I anticipated.

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