Outhere Oversized Sun Shade Sail


I have to admit that I can’t give a review on how durable this sun shade is yet because I just got it and I haven’t been able to install it because the weather has been awful here but it arrived and I was impressed by it so I wanted to at least do a video review showing the quality up close in case anyone was wondering.

First let me say this [amazon text=shade&asin=B019ZK7Z58] is HUGE. Make sure you double check your measurements and that the area you want to put this in will accommodate the size. Sounds obvious but it’s not. The company does offer a variety of sizes from 10’x8′ up to 18’x18′, this one is 13′ x 19’8″. 

This is my first [amazon text=sun sail&asin=B019ZK7Z58] so I can’t compare this to any other ones but I worked for an Interior Design firm for years and we made custom window treatments and I know from that experience what constitutes a good strong hem and this sun shade seems to have a double hem which is a big deal. This means added durability all the way around which you want especially if you are somewhere that it gets windy.

The hardware that is included is nice and heavy and looks well made, this is obviously important as well. The material surprised me because I had always thought these were made of canvas type material (similar to a summer umbrella) but it is more of a woven resin material. This is light filtering so you will still get some light coming through it but not full sun. To me this is a good thing. I don’t know if it will keep you dry however if you’re thinking of using this to keep rain from getting on an area as well as sun.

Once I can get this [amazon text=shade&asin=B019ZK7Z58] installed I will add photos to this review, hopefully mother nature will cooperate on one of our few free weekends and we can get this up. For now I hope that at the least the close up video helps anyone who might be interested in getting this.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019ZK7Z58]

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