Rugged Mountain Backpack

I saw the video for this Rugged Material backpack and knew my husband had to have it, at first he didn’t feel the same. He was worried that because it rolled down and didn’t zip that he wasn’t going to like it and it would be a hassle and he already had a backpack that he used daily that did the job he needed it to but I was persistent. I knew because he rides his motorcycle to work regularly and doesn’t always check the weather report before doing so that this would come in handy.

Guess what, I was right. He says that this is the best [amazon text=backpack&asin=B01HDM7E38] he has ever owned and he is shocked at how much he likes it. There is a good reason behind this, it is incredibly well made. The whole backpack is waterproof and it is visible how waterproof it is; even the zipper has a special coating on them to seal it.

This is a very durable [amazon text=backpack&asin=B01HDM7E38]. The bottom is real leather and it is thick. The body of the backpack is very strong, all the stitching is solid and well done. The zipper is heavy duty and larger than a standard zipper. All of the adjusters and buckles are metal, there is no plastic on this anywhere. All of the buckles can move to accommodate the different sizes you can make the bag, we tried to show this as best we could in the time allowed for a video review but we still missed some of the ways it can be adjusted. The handle on top if very strong and trust me my husband has been testing it like crazy.

It is nuts how much this bag can hold and it is the beauty of its design. It would seem to be standard backpack size but then when you unroll it it is huge. I took some rough measurements with it fully extended and it is 29″H x 12″W x 6″D, this size also means that it fits perfectly in a gym locker.

My husband is not a small guy but this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B01HDM7E38] fits him perfectly. It is possibly the only one I’ve ever seen that the chest strap actually can be buckled on him. I also mention that he is a big guy because he puts his motorcycle jacket in this when he’s not using it (along with everything else he needs for work); and by motorcycle jacket I mean a big one with the shoulder pads and the other protective pads, it is not small and it is heavy. Even on our video review you will see him pull out his work clothes and his dress shoes and other items, I didn’t even realize he had all of that stuff in there.

There is a padded pocket on the back of the inside so that you can hold a laptop safely in there. There is also a smaller zippered pocket on the front and my husband’s only complaints are that he wished that the zipper pocket had a smaller pocket in it for his wallet and his phone so he can get to them easier. He also said that when the main part of the bag is completely full it can be a little cumbersome to get stuff out of the zipper pocket. Both of these issues were not huge deals to him but they are worth mentioning.

I love the color of this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B01HDM7E38], we went back and forth as to which color to choose but I really liked this color combination and order it which is funny because it isn’t even for me. If you are not a fan of charcoal this also comes in black, brown, blue and green. 

My favorite part of my video review for this is when my husband said that this [amazon text=backpack&asin=B01HDM7E38] is so nice that if he were to lose it he would be more concerned about the [amazon text=backpack&asin=B01HDM7E38] than the things inside it, I think that says it all. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01HDM7E38]

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