Sanwo LED Strip Lights

These LED strip lights from Sanwo have some good points and some bad points. This is my 3rd set of LED lights, the first we used on our camper under our awning (which is an awesome thing to have by the way) and we have another set around our flat screen T.V. to create ambient lighting while watching movies (this is way cooler than it sounds).

This [amazon text=LED strip light&asin=B0146D3SCI]set has possibly the best remote out of all the sets I have. It has lots of fade options and flash settings and even allows you to increase or decrease certain colors in the fade, I don’t have any other remotes that do that.

The issues I have with [amazon text=these lights&asin=B0146D3SCI] is that the connecter cover slides down too easily, I feel like that should be more secure to protect the wires. I also wish that the colors were true colors, on my other LED strips when I choose the pink color the lights actually turn pink, on this strip when you choose pink it makes the ambient light sort of look pink but when you like right at the lights it is not. This will not be a big deal if you are planning on only using it for ambient lighting.

The plug in cord on this is approximately 36″ and in order to use the remote you have to point it at the sensor which is at the end of that 36″ cord (the end closest to the strip itself).

These do include 3M tape on the back of the strip but since I have not installed this yet I don’t know how well it will hold. I can tell you that on my two previous sets we needed to supplement with additional adhesive.

Also be aware that if you plug these in and they don’t work turn the plug-in around and try it again, they only work if they are plugged in correctly but there is no indication as to which way they should be plugged in.

Overall, if you are using [amazon text=these lights&asin=B0146D3SCI] for indoor use I think you will be happy with them. For the price they are a decent set with only the couple of issues that I mentioned.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0146D3SCI]

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