Stunning Gadgets Pocket Chainsaw

This pocket chainsaw by stunning gadgets works stunning well. Honestly when we went outside to film the test and I did not anticipate this working as well as it did and I don’t think my husband was either because we were both kind of shocked.

The only complaint that my husband has is that the directions say to put the straps over your hands and around your wrists but they wouldn’t fit over my husband’s hands; to be fair he has giant banana hands (he wears a size 13 wedding band) so I’m not surprised they didn’t fit him. Despite that he was able to get them on a spot that was comfortable for him to use the [amazon text=chainsaw&asin=B00CCNYJI2].

This comes in a pouch that buckles and has a belt loop on the back so that you can keep it with you easily while in the woods or camping. The teeth on this are quite sharp. The directions say that you should oil them occasionally. They are so sharp that they very quickly and with very little effort took down a sapling that we needed to remove.

Other than the wrist issue for my husband we have no complaints about this [amazon text=chainsaw&asin=B00CCNYJI2]. It would make a great man gift.

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