LELEC Robot Vacuum


I love this [amazon text=vacuum&asin=B00R7Q974A]. It might not be saving me any time however because instead of vacuuming the floor myself I now sit and watch this little device work because I am mesmerized. As someone with 2 dogs, 2 kids, a cat and a husband I have to vacuum daily if not twice a day. This is fairly easy to accomplish on our main floor but our second floor does not get the attention it deserves and since that is where our bedroom is and I have allergies we needed a solution.

Our second floor is commercial carpet tile. As an interior designer I chose this product because I have kids and pets and I knew it would hold up well and clean easily but animal hair does stick to it and my dogs love to use it to scratch their backs. 🙂

I did try this out on hardwood first and it would easily go from my hardwood to my low pile large area rug. It even got up over the threshold (a very low threshold) and got into the kitchen which was great. It got caught on a couple of things (mainly my large marble threshold into the bathroom) and was able to get itself unstuck.

The video review I have provided is mostly from our carpeted second floor. For a first run on a very messy carpet I was quite impressed and I know it is only going to get better as it runs daily. Just the fact that it cleaned under our bed has me breathing easier. Then, when it’s done and it’s battery is about to die it somehow magically finds it’s way back to the base to charge. I’m truly amazed.

This is easy to program, easy to empty and clean and comes with lots of extras. I can only hope that it maintains it’s current ability to clean for a while because I’m never going to get tired of watching something else do my cleaning for me.


Update: I’ve been using this daily for 3 months now and still love it. I have taken it completely apart (the brushes) and cleaned it once in that time but otherwise I empty it out every night before bed and let it do its thing during the day and go to my clean floor in my bedroom every night. Still completely love this product!

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