Samaz Roll Up Pencil Case


I know that this  roll up storage is supposed to be used for pencils which makes sense but when I saw it I immediately had another use for it.

First, let’s start with the pattern, it is so 90’s, all I can picture is tons of backpacks made with this same material. 🙂 The inside is simple canvas material and then the straps are very similar to what would have been found on the aforementioned 90’s backpacks. That being said if you’re not a fan of the “retro” print there are a couple other pattern options available. There are also other options for the number of pencils this holds which obviously affects the price. 

This [amazon text=case&asin=B0186RVYCG] holds a ton of pencils which is a good thing since that is what it is made for. I however will be using it to hold my double pointed knitting needles. I’ve been a knitter for a while now and I have tons of needles and especially double pointed needles and I couldn’t find a good solution for storing them other than rubber banding them together and throwing them in a vase. With this [amazon text=case&asin=B0186RVYCG] I can store my larger ones individually in a loop and my smaller ones fit together in a loop. Once I have a complete set I will be able to label them on the canvas fabric so I won’t have to measure what size they are each time I use them. You don’t know how happy this makes me.

My only complaint with this [amazon text=holder&asin=B0186RVYCG] is that I wish there was a flap on the top that protected what was inside. It doesn’t matter if you are using this for its intended purpose or for something unusual like myself, this would have been a nice added feature.

Otherwise, this suits my needs perfectly and has made my limited knitting space slightly more organized.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0186RVYCG]

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