Millennium Falcon 3D Color Changing Light


This Millennium Falcon light was a must have in my house. If you’ve seen my reviews before you know that my son’s name is Anakin and because of that we are suckers for things star wars related. When the opportunity arrived to review this [amazon text=Millennium Falcon Light&asin=B01L8OEWKK] of course I said yes but really even if you’re not a star wars fan you have to admit that this is cool.

This came packaged very well and had very minimal set up. The hardest thing about getting this ready to use is that there is a film on both sides that needs to be removed; I had no problem with one side but even with nails the other side proved difficult. Once the film is off you put the [amazon text=Millennium Falcon &asin=B01L8OEWKK] (it is a plastic material) into its base and plug it in. One thing to note that is disappointing is that this only has a USB plug so if you want to plug it into a wall you need an adaptor but if you’re like my family you have tons of those around from various cell phones.

We decided to keep ours in our office and it actually provides a nice soft light. If you’re wondering, this would be a great night light. I love that you can choose from multiple colors, as you will see in the video my son’s favorite is blue but mine is the ice blue/gray color. It turns on and off with a button on the front that is pretty sensitive but not enough that it is problematic.

The cord on this is quite long so you can put it a pretty fair distance away from where you plug it in.

So far we love having this light in the house, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it looks cool, we get to change the colors depending on our mood and, it’s the [amazon text=MILLENNIUM FALCON&asin=B01L8OEWKK]!

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