KOSOX 3 Compartment Bento Lunch Box

As far as the design goes on this [amazon text=bento box&asin=B013FYHJNS] it is adorable. My daughter takes her lunch to school occasionally and between her and my husband we were going through a lot of sandwich bags. She saw this box and really liked it so I figured I would give it a try.

This is quite small, I included dimensions on the video review for it. If you’re wondering if it can fit a sandwich (I hadn’t tested that out yet on the video) it can but with italian bread which is slightly smaller than ranch or king bread but since that is what we buy it works out well. My daughter was able to put her turkey sandwich in the bottom. some popcorn in one of the top compartments and since she packed her own lunch I don’t know what she put on the other side; I only know about the popcorn because she left the bag out and opened on the counter.

My biggest complaint about this [amazon text=lunch box&asin=B013FYHJNS] (other than it could have been slightly bigger) is that there is an elastic strap to hold it shut. This would not be a huge deal but it takes away from the super cute design and as soon as my daughter loses that (it’s only a matter of time) we will have to resort to a rubber band.

Otherwise this is super cute and my daughter is over the moon about it so I suppose that is what really matters.

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