Landing Gear Windproof Umbrella

This Landing Gear Travel Umbrella is a nice compact [amazon text=folding umbrella &asin=B017SHH4QA]. We can never have enough umbrellas in our house because it seems like whenever we need one they’re in the other car, or in the house when we need them in the car so umbrellas are in high demand.

I tried this [amazon text=umbrella &asin=B017SHH4QA]out the day I got it because we had a very hard rain and I had no issues with this at all. It held up great. I like the fact that there is a push button to open and close it and the button pushes very easily. You do have to push the [amazon text=umbrella &asin=B017SHH4QA] all the way back down before you can open it back up again but that isn’t a big deal. There is a sleeve for this when you’re not using it and the strap to hold it shut uses Velcro. I know some use metal snaps which always seemed silly to me because they rust. When this is closed it measures 12″.  This umbrella comes in (3) different colors, black, blue and red. 

The real test for me was to see if it truly windproof. We have had a string of amazing weather lately so it wasn’t until today that I had an opportunity to test this. When I filmed the video for this [amazon text=umbrella &asin=B017SHH4QA] the wind was 19mph which is a pretty decent wind. I pointed the umbrella so that it got the full force and you could see it start to give just a little bit but it held strong.

I am very happy with this [amazon text=umbrella &asin=B017SHH4QA] and hope it holds up in the long run but if for any reason it doesn’t I will update my review, that being said the listing says it has a lifetime guarantee so there is no doubt the company has a lot of faith in their product. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B017SHH4QA]

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