Pro-Sys Toothbrush and Toothgel


When this [amazon text=toothbrush&asin=B00N312O7U] arrived and I looked at I thought, “what’s the big deal” it pretty much looks like any other toothbrush; and then I used it. I was also provided the [amazon text=pro-sys toothgel &asin=B013CHMTGU] and as a system these are fantastic.

This brush has soft bristles; I typically use a medium bristle so right off the bat I was worried that was going to be an issue. I typically use an ORAL-B toothbrush (I think it’s a 360 or something) so I thought I had a top notch brush but it has nothing on this one.

The first thing I noticed while brushing is that the angles on the handle are right where I need them to be with the way I brush my teeth. I didn’t have an issue with the soft bristles even though I thought I would. Also, the toothgel created lots of bubbles and foam (in a good way).

Throughout the day I kept noticing that my teeth still felt clean. It didn’t matter what I had eaten every time I rubbed my tongue against my teeth they still felt smooth; I was amazed. I was so impressed with this brush I decided to do a video review which I honestly was not planning on doing.

Add to all this that when you buy one of these toothbrushes the company donates a [amazon text=toothbrush&asin=B00N312O7U]; that is fantastic.

I have nothing but good things to say about this toothbrush and I honestly was not anticipating being so impressed.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00N312O7U]

[amazon asin=B00N312O7U&template=iframe image]

[amazon asin=B013CHMTGU&template=iframe image center]


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