Kaylee & Ryan Circle Bead Maze Wooden Toy


This is a very well made [amazon text=bead maze toy&asin=B00UWN7GKW] that is not too big and not too small and will work well for any kid (or an adult like me who loves playing with these types of toys).

This toy has nice bright colors to draw your baby’s attention and the base is made of wood while the maze is made of what feels like coated wire. The beads are wooden and also very brightly colored. They are a good size so that your baby can grab them yet small enough for them to develop their fine motor skills. Also, I love the the little fruit beads; super cute.

I have included a video review showing this in action and it also includes dimensions. Overall, this would make a great gift and kids love to play with these. My son is 3 and still gravitates towards these types of toys.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information &asin=B00UWN7GKW]



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