Tonor Prince Gymnastic Toy

I really thought I was only going to like this gymnastic toy not love it. I got this for my daughter because she is a gymnast, actually I got it to give to her studio but she ended liking it so much (and so did my husband and myself honestly) that we decided we might have to keep it.

I love toys that require a little bit of skill and practice and not a lot of electronics. This [amazon text=gymnast toy&asin=B01FAN9LM4] is actually quite a simple concept but surprisingly rather difficult to master. Don’t let my daughter fool you in the video, she had been playing this like crazy before I started filming and it took her a while to be able to “stick” a landing.

There is a little bit of assembly required for this but it is simple and easy to figure out, you will also need a small screwdriver to open the battery compartment and install (4) AA batteries that are not included, once that is done you’re all set, it’s time to swing.

You have to make sure the guy is facing the proper direction (there is an arrow on the base pointing towards the red button) and then you start pressing the yellow button to get momentum and get him to swing all the way around. It is not as easy as it looks to keep him swinging but once you get him going when you’re ready you press the big red button that releases him and hope his Velcro feet land on the “mat”. The mat can be adjusted to make it more difficult and there are other “games” you can do with this to get more points.

This [amazon text=gymnast toy&asin=B01FAN9LM4] is so much fun, everyone in our family has been having fun playing with it, even my 4 year old. You can take this all apart when you are done playing with it to store it or you can keep it together because it is pretty neat as a display item. I was thinking my daughter’s gymnastic’s place could keep it on the reception desk but we shall see where this ends up.

Super fun toy, I’m actually going to finish this review and go play with it some more.

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