Holy Stone HS170 Mini Quadcopter

I have reviewed my fair share of quadcopters thanks to my husband loving them and wanting to try them all. Since these are for him I have to take my reviews from what he says but according to him Holy Stone has some of the best quadcopters he has tried and this one is no exception.

There many different sizes when it comes to quadcopters, we’ve tried extra small all the way up to extra large drones and this one is great size especially for beginners. I would classify [amazon text=this quadcopter&asin=B0157IHJMQ] as a small quadcopter because it is 6″ square, that is about half the size of your standard video quadcopter. That being said the controller is twice as big as an other quadcopter we’ve tried; it is 7″W, that is quite large, it’s bigger than the quadcopter!

Here’s some things worth mentioning about [amazon text=this product&asin=B0157IHJMQ] and I have included a video review which shows it in action and tells you basic instructions about how to fly it.

The blade guards on this are very nice and are attached, they don’t completely cover the blade but they also don’t look like they will caught on things, like trees for example (yes this has happened to us in the past)

The landing “gears” double as motor covers which is nice

[amazon text=This drone&asin=B0157IHJMQ] does come fully charged and the battery lasts approximately 15 minutes. I do suggest as I do with all quadcopters to get [amazon text=extra batteries&asin=B00HS5Y6G4] because you are going to be very annoyed that after 15 minutes you will have to wait at least 1/2 hour to charge the battery to fly this again.

This is a great [amazon text=quadcopter&asin=B0157IHJMQ] for beginners or experienced flyers partly because of the “headless” option which is explained in the video.

The one flaw about this is that the cable for the battery hangs out the back and if you aren’t careful it can get caught on the blades next to it. It won’t fly if this happens so you will notice it but be aware that this could happen. Otherwise this is a great quadcopter that flies smoothly and has impressed my husband who has flown several of these now.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0157IHJMQ]

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