007Plus GT08 Bluetooth Smart Watch

I like this smart watch but I definitely don’t love it and if I had an Iphone instead of an android I’m not sure I would like it much at all.

Let me start with the basics pros,

This is touch screen so it is easy to use and navigate in the watch

There are tons of things on this watch from calendar, sedentary alarm, answering and making calls, answering and receiving texts, the list goes on and on. I’ve been testing it for several days now and haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what this can do.

The [amazon text=watch&asin=B014ZTDB66] is comfortable to wear

I had no problems charging it, the charger is included and it is a standard micro charger, so if you have an Android the charger that comes with your phone will charge this [amazon text=watch&asin=B014ZTDB66] as well.

There’s something to be said about just wearing a watch again. I’ve gotten so used to using my phone for everything that even when people ask me what time it is while wearing this I forget that it is right on my wrist.

Phone calls were actually surprisingly clear on this despite the fact that I feel like a secret agent when using it.

It is very nice to get notifications of texts on the watch, this is especially true if my phone is on vibrate and I forget that it is and I still know not only that I got a text but who sent it and what it said.

Here’s some issues with the [amazon text=watch&asin=B014ZTDB66]:

It is very limited with IOS, from what I can tell you can only make and receive calls and some of the other basics. Since you can not download the software that is needed for this on IOS (because it is not available in the app store) you can not get BTNotifications which you will need to get texts and, well, notifications, hence the name.

Downloading this for Android isn’t exactly easy, the QR code in the instructions is way too small so you have to go to a very long web address and then you get a notification that the app can harm your phone which doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Once you do allow it and set it all up it can either go smoothly from there or you might have some bluetooth issues. In my video review I show my issue setting it up and what I had to do, I did not have the same issue when I tried it with my other phone. (I show it on a [amazon text=Samsung Galaxy S4&asin=B014K4Q0CI] but originally set it up with a [amazon text=S6&asin=B014K4Q0CI] with no issues)

The bluetooth range is not very long. I think the furthest I got from my phone before I was disconnected for 6-8 feet maybe. Also, when the battery is dying it will disconnect a lot more. My battery was at half power (on the watch not my phone) while in church with my phone right next to me in my purse and it kept disconnecting, I charged the watch and I was back to normal.

The keypad is tiny. I have pretty small fingers and I had a hard time typing on it, my husband would have no chance trying to type anything on this with his big ol banana hands, he would need a stylus.

I’m sure the more I wear this the more pros and cons I will find. I would say the pros and cons so far are pretty even but despite the issues I like wearing this [amazon text=watch&asin=B014ZTDB66] more than anticipated. Just the time when I was carrying something heavy (laundry) and my phone was in my pocket but I could still see if I needed to put what I was carrying down and answer or not made it worthwhile, especially since that phone call was from the school nurse calling me to come get my sick kid. 🙂

I would say you get what you pay for but in this case I think you get a little bit more than you pay for but if you think this is going to rival an [amazon text=apple watch&asin=B00WVJWDYO] or [amazon text=samsung watch&asin=B00JBJ3HQ0] you are going to be disappointed. If you want this just for the basics (and I haven’t even gotten into learning all about the activity tracker part) and you have a droid I think you might be happy.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B014ZTDB66]

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