Higo LED Slap Bracelet

This is such a cool product. Everyone that has been a child in the 80’s/90’s or had kids or pretty much everyone alive is familiar with the good ol’ slap bracelet. Now there is one that lights up, genius!

Let’s start with the basics, the design is modern and makes this accessory appealing even when it isn’t lit up. Also, the pattern on the [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B019CFN2I0] is reflective so you are still a little more visible even when it isn’t lit up. When lit up this is very bright and you will have no issues with people seeing you. When the [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B019CFN2I0] is flat it is 13.5″L x 1.25″W but 2″ of that length does not wrap around, this is actually my only complaint, when you snap it around your wrist or wherever 2″ of it does not bend.

There are (2) light setting on this, solid and flashing. It is a little brighter than a glow stick, I got the yellow and it is almost the exact same color as a glow stick. This also comes with one battery (a watch battery) and there are 2 more brand new batteries included.

When rolled up this can get as small as 2″ across which means even my 4 year old can wear it. The back is soft and the whole thing is waterproof (or at least water resistant). This [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B019CFN2I0] comes in 2 different patterns and each pattern comes in (6) different colors; blue, green, orange, pink, red and white. I keep referring to it as a bracelet because that is typically how I would wear it but it is big enough you can wear it around your arm or even your leg or get more than one and put one on your arm and your leg or wherever you see fit. 

This is the perfect accessory for our family walks. Now to figure out which one of is the lucky one who gets to wear it.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019CFN2I0]

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