Parati Crystal Owl Necklace


Owls are very popular right now, just like they were in the 70’s and for good reason, they’re beautiful. This [amazon text=owl necklace&asin=B016SX86QC] has a great vintage look while sparkling like crazy. This will certainly be a conversation piece.

I have included measurements for the owl and the chain in the video part of my review. My favorite thing about this owl, other than the design of the owl itself is the contrast of the blue and black stones against the shine of the clear stones. This owl is an eye catcher and I don’t just mean to people that are looking right at it, you can see this thing glisten from across the street. 🙂 This [amazon text=owl necklace&asin=B016SX86QC] is also available in red. On the red version the eyes look pretty much the same but the belly is red instead of blue. Still a very cool look but I prefer a blue belly. 🙂 

My only complaint with this [amazon text=necklace&asin=B016SX86QC] is the chain. I personally feel like it is too clunky for the piece and it actually takes away from the owl. If this were on a simpler chain that didn’t also have the “sparkle” in it, it wouldn’t take away from the owl which is obviously the focal point. But that is of course my personal opinion. I showed this to a friend and she loved the way it looked.

The chain is nice and long and is the perfect length to wear with a turtleneck or any other sweater. If this had a different style chain on it I would love it. Luckily the owl is so cute that you can’t help but like it.

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