OUGES 1950’s Cap Sleeve Dress

This  1950’s cap-sleeve dress is not necessarily listed as a plus size dress but the size goes from small to XXL and when you’re reviewing clothes made in other countries really that can mean anything. I review a lot of clothes and a lot of “plus size” clothes but most of them are not truly plus size and when you buy a XXL you expect that it will fit especially if you typically wear an XL.

This [amazon text=dress&asin=B01ARBVY9M] is true to its size and a US size at that. Be aware that some companies will consider a size 8 an XL. This particular [amazon text=dress&asin=B01ARBVY9M] is more towards a size 18.

This dress is made of rather interesting fabric, it has a lot of give and stretch to it. I did get a XXL mostly because when it comes to dresses I have a problem with my chest but there were no issues there and there was actually room left in the waist. This (at least on me) has an empire waist which I’ve always been a fan of because my stomach is my problem area.

I really like the cap sleeve and the collar detail, they are very Jackie O. The pleats at the bottom create a nice swing and I know once I put my petticoat underneath this will be the perfect 50’s look for me. It is hard to tell in the photos and video but this [amazon text=dress&asin=B01ARBVY9M] has a sheen to it and it is a deep navy blue very close to a very dark denim color. 

I have not washed this yet but after looking at the stitches I don’t anticipate any issues with this (there are no care instructions on the [amazon text=dress&asin=B01ARBVY9M] that I can find but the amazon product description says to had wash or low temperature wash for machine washing). If I do have any issues I will update the original amazon review.

Thank you to this company for making a truly plus size product that is beautiful and makes you feel beautiful while wearing it.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01ARBVY9M]

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