Harmonyball Sister Necklace

I got this for my sister who I love dearly. She doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry but she does occasionally and it was more about what this necklace said than the fact that it was a necklace.

The engraving on this [amazon text=sister necklace&asin=B019W7NFFS] is very legible and the sentiment is perfect, “always my sister forever my friend” is a beautiful, and in my case, very true statement.

This is sterling silver and is very lightweight and very shiny. The set does include a cleaning cloth but I promptly lost it because that is what happens in my house.

The chain is very tight and smooth, I don’t see this getting caught in anyone’s hair which is good because I hate when that happens. I really like that the chain goes through the charm rather than through a loop, it makes the necklace more fluid. Not only that but I also like the way the heart works its way into the circle, it’s a great design. I included measurements and more details in the video part of my review.

I really hope that my sister likes this [amazon text=necklace&asin=B019W7NFFS] and even if all she does is keep it in a box and only wears it once a year that would be enough for me, even if she just looks at it once and while I would be happy, just as long as she knows it speaks the truth.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019W7NFFS]

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