Tirain Boot Cuffs

This are really quite a cute boot cuff. I got these for my daughter for Christmas because she has become a fashionista and I thought she would really like these. They are adorable.

Although these [amazon text=boot cuffs &asin=B00R5PEB12] come in multiple styles and colors body of these are an aqua/ sea-foam green color which, although it won’t go with everything it will stand out which is more of what she wants in her “style” right now. The body of these are knitted in a very fine very tight stitch. I’m a knitter and I know I have never worked in a stitch that small so even though I’m assuming these were machine knitted it’s still impressive to me. There is a subtle pattern of eyelets on the body of the cuff which will make it not only interesting but also provide some extra give to this. When I put them on me the pattern was pretty stretched but I have much larger legs than my daughter so I have no doubt they will look much better on her.

The tops of these [amazon text=boot toppers&asin=B00R5PEB12]¬†are an off white, almost antiqued crochet lace pattern which provide a vintage and extra feminine touch. there are also two small white buttons which add some more visual interest. I said in the video review that I would measure certain spots including the small cuff, the middle and the large cuff. Here are the measurements for when they are laying flat followed by the measurements when they are stretched. Small cuff: 3″, 8″ stretched, 1″H. Middle: 4″, 8.5″ stretched, 5″ long (from cuff to cuff). Large cuff: 3″, 7″ stretched, 2″H. These measurements are approximations, especially the middle stretched width but I’m hoping they are helpful.

My only disappointment so far is that there are a few hanging threads. It looks like these were all tied off and won’t affect the garment any but if they had just been given the once over and snipped down properly it would have provided me with a little more faith.

I have not washed these yet and I have not seen these on my daughter so if I find any issues with them after Christmas I will update my review.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00R5PEB12]

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