Jouvenet Beauty Blender Makeup Sponges

I am new to beauty blenders, actually this is the first time I tried them and now I’m wondering what took me so long.

I use to use the triangle shaped applicators for years and then I tried the makeup brushes and there were issues with both. My biggest complaint with the triangle ones is that they are disposable and my complaint with the brushes is that they take forever to clean; this [amazon text=blender set&asin=B0175DS0GA] solves both of those issues for me.

I love that this came with instructions. Not only that but after I ordered I received an email that also explained to me how to use these. There are photo instructions on not only application but also how to properly clean them.

I started out but saturating and drying my [amazon text=sponges&asin=B0175DS0GA] and then applying my primer. My primer went on smoothly and didn’t use a ton of it which is good because it’s not exactly cheap.

Next I used my other sponge to smooth out my concealer and then apply my liquid foundation. Again, I didn’t use any more than I would have if I had used any other device but the coverage was way better than my previous application techniques.

After everything was applied I washed the [amazon text=sponges&asin=B0175DS0GA] using a little bit of baby shampoo and they cleaned so easily but I thought for sure they wouldn’t be ready to use again the next day, but I had faith and put them in the drying bag and sure enough the next day they were ready to use again. My brushes would have taken at least 2 days to dry completely.

I have sensitive skin especially now that it is winter and I haven’t had any issues using these.

I think the reason that I like these [amazon text=sponges&asin=B0175DS0GA] the most is probably that the company took the time to properly explain how to use them, I never would have known otherwise. I was so happy with them that I did a video review using them which means I went on camera without makeup, that’s a big deal and should say a lot about how much I like these. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0175DS0GA]

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