Faux Fur Wrap for Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation Costume

A faux fur wrap is apparently a new required item in my home. This is not because of all the galas that I attend (almost daily of course) but because it was a needed component for my Clark Griswold costume that I wore this Christmas (also a good contender for a Halloween costume).

I have also reviewed the long pink gloves that I needed for my outfit which left me with the blue turban (which I knitted), the pajamas and moose mug that I already owned. That leaves this faux fur wrap as the remaining items.

I honestly bought this particular wrap because it was one of the least expensive ones that I found that looked close enough to the one worn in the movie. The second reason I bought it was because the reviews were saying how much nicer it was than people expected especially for the price. Let me tell you, those people were right.

I was shocked when this arrived because it was a million times nicer than I had anticipated. Unfortunately, my camera does not do this justice. It is darker in real life with an almost burgundy undertone. The interior is lined with a satin-like material. This does have a clasp and the measurement from clasp to clasp is roughly 36”. I was able to wrap this around me but I wore it higher up on my shoulders than it is pictured in the listing on Amazon.

I liked this wrap so much that I actually wore it to my husband’s company Christmas party which had a Paris theme and it worked perfectly.  Since it was Christmas time it was cold out and this kept me surprisingly warm.

So, not only is the wrap inexpensive, it is comfortable, well made, warm, soft and a beautiful unique color. Most importantly, it completed my Clark Griswold look. 🙂

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