Marvel Boys Ultimate Spider-Man Underwear, 3-Pack


Well, I certainly have a happy little boy on my hands now. My son loves to watch ultimate spiderman (as do I honestly) and this is his second set of [amazon text=spiderman underwear&asin=B019718B08], the first set I bought from Target and I found this set to be very similar.

I went with a size 6 because technically, despite the fact that he is 4, my son wears a size 5. I found that these fit him with a little bit of room to spare which was exactly what I expected. He seemed to like them when they were on and didn’t have any issues with fit or comfort, trust me, he would have told me if anything at all bothered him.

I included a video review so you can see these up close. Two of the designs are (I believe) silk screened with what seems like a lot of ink and when you take them out and pull them you can actually hear the ink separating. I washed them and totally anticipated seeing an issue with the print but they looked exactly the same as they did before I washed them. I do anticipate that over time the ink on these will look like it has lines in it. However, even the set that I bought from target has done this over time so it didn’t bother me.

The designs on these [amazon text=spiderman underwear&asin=B019718B08] are bright and would appeal to any little boy who loves spidey. There were a couple of threads on the waistband of two of mine but they look like they are just the ends of the stitches and they didn’t come loose in the wash so I think they just needed to be a trimmed a little shorter.

The main thing for me as a mom is if they are comfortable and they cover his butt because not all underwear do and it is embarrassing when you are out in public and your kid’s tush is on display, I swear my kid needs suspenders. 🙂 The second most important thing as a mom is that my kid likes them because ultimately he’s the one wearing them not me.

If I discover any issues over time I will be sure to update my review on Amazon. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B019718B08]

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