EVIDECO Over The Door Swivel Hooks


This is a great product especially at this price. I have multiple [amazon text=over the door coat hooks&asin=B00ACLQ85S] but this is the first one I have the swivels, it’s a little thing but it is handy.

I’m using this one on my basement door which is near my back door which we use as a main entrance. My basement is also my laundry room so I go through that door multiple times a day. I currently have another hook that I purchased at bed bath & beyond that has been fine but I needed this one so that my husband and I each have our own. Once fall hits and then winter we both have at least 2 jackets/coats that we keep near our back door. Currently they end up on my chairs at my kitchen island which drives me nuts; not anymore.

There are a couple of reasons that I like that this swivels. My main reason is that I can have my current one on one side of my door, and then I have hooks to hold dog leashes screwed into the middle of the door so I only have a little space on the right side of my door for this hook. The right side is where the door knob is so I can swivel these hooks to the left side so that they avoid both my dog leashes and my door knob. If I were using this somewhere else I could use the swivels so that my coat was on the bottom hook, my scarf on the middle hook and my hat on the top hook and I would be all set and know exactly where my stuff is, but honestly I’m not that organized, the fact that they make it to the hook at all impresses me. 🙂

The swivels on these are a little tight but I don’t consider that a bad thing at all because I know that they will stay where I put them especially since they are on a door that I use so much. I really like the white balls on this with the chrome finish, it is a nice look that will go with any decor.

Overall, this is a sturdy [amazon text=swivel hook &asin=B00ACLQ85S] that more than suits my needs and I like it a lot.

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