IRULU 7″ Google Tablet

I’m not a super tech person but I am writing this review from a mom’s point of view. I have kids that love to watch PBS kids and other cartoons on our [amazon text=Ipad&asin=B00OTWOAAQ] when I am busy doing other things or my husband and I would like to watch a movie that they can’t. The problem is that my daughter is getting older and doesn’t always want to watch the same things as my 3 year old. Other problem is that I do bring the [amazon text=Ipad&asin=B00OTWOAAQ] when I have to go to doctor’s appointments or other appointments that I need my 3 year old to be occupied (I’m a stay at home mom and he’s with me at all times, mommy needs a break some times), an [amazon text=Ipad&asin=B00OTWOAAQ] is rather cumbersome to take to appointments and I can’t always hand him my phone. This [amazon text=tablet&asin=B014SPNFM2] is a perfect solution for both those problems.

I said in my video that I thought this ran lollipop but obviously in the description it says it runs KitKat; I honestly can’t keep up with all the android updates. I do have a droid phone and have for years so I’m very familiar with how it works and this tablet doesn’t disappoint. It is fast (of course in my video review it decided to an update and that slowed it down a bit but luckily the update stopped when I was searching for pictures of fat cats), it is user friendly and it will suit my needs just fine.

Not only do you get a [amazon text=tablet&asin=B014SPNFM2] but you get a great case with it. Since this is for my kids I’m all for protecting it. Also, my daughter is all about writing lately and she will be able to type on the included keyboard. This will also be great on long car rides and camping trips on rainy days (electronics are not allowed on nice days).

As I mentioned I have included a video with some basic information about this and how to use it basics. My only complaint so far is that the camera isn’t that great but since this is for my kids I don’t mind that really.  Also, the company forgot to send me the case with the tablet but realized that they forgot it and immediately sent me one, of course it’s not the same color as the tablet but I like that I got a black one instead. 

I will add that the price on this is great! I really was expecting something no where near as nice as this for the price so I’m very pleased with that as well. I have a feeling that my kids are going to be thrilled when they get this [amazon text=tablet&asin=B014SPNFM2] on Christmas and there is a chance that Mommy will be playing with it until then, ya know, working out the kinks. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B014SPNFM2]

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