Blooming Jelly Women’s Vintage Retro Floral Print Dress


I am 100% amazed that this dress fit me and by fit me I mean I got it on and it zipped up. I will admit that it will take a little bit of extra finagling before I wear it out in public because it is very low cut on me. If you have a chest be aware that this dress is going to show off the goods.

I got a XX-L and I believe the sizing is pretty dead on as far as dress sizes go. I typically wear a 16-18 and this fit me well. The only reason that I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I have similar vintage dresses and they are lined and cut a little bit better but those are also slightly more expensive. Also, this is pretty low cut no matter what I do but for that same reason that is why my husband would give this a 5 star review. Needless to say I won’t be wearing this to church any time soon.

This does flair out on the bottom without a [amazon text=petticoat &asin=B00V69QOUE] which is nice; most dresses like this require something to help with the flair. I got the [amazon text=pink flowered dress &asin=B01545O48Y] and I’m glad I did because when I wear a black bra with this you won’t be able to tell as much where the dress stops and the bra begins. The pink pattern is very vintage but I almost feel like it’s more of a 70’s pattern than a 50’s pattern but that is just me.

Overall I’m pleasantly surprised with this dress. I’ve included a video review of my freezing self (it was 30 degrees outside but there was nowhere inside to film). I’m hoping that by including the video that other plus size girls like myself will get an idea of what the dress might look like on them.

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