MissShorthair Plaid Blanket Scarf/Shawl


I LOVE this [amazon text=scarf&asin=B00N8NMQUS]. My husband even said as soon as I opened this that it looked like something I would wear all the time; and you know what, I think he’s right.

This is so soft, like a cozy little blanket. I love the plaid look, it’s very on trend again right now but the beauty of plaid is that will never go out of style. Add to that the fact that this is also houndstooth which is another pattern that will never be a bad decision and you can’t go wrong with this scarf. Plaid and houndstooth always seemed very classy to me. I even wore this grocery shopping the other day with a shirt and a pair of jeans and my daughter said I looked very fancy. 🙂 I have to say that this would make a great gift, especially a Christmas gift just because the colors and style lend itself to a Christmas feel without being overtly Christmas themed.

This [amazon text=scarf&asin=B00N8NMQUS] is approximately 76″ x 21″ so that means there are a bunch of different ways you can wear this. I wore it as a [amazon text=scarf&asin=B00N8NMQUS] the other day but when I got home I had it on as a [amazon text=shawl&asin=B00N8NMQUS] and since it was snowing here yesterday (it’s only October) I wore it as a hooded scarf as well.

This is very well made right down to the tassels and you can wear this as a casual accessory or as something a little more upscale. Very well done.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00N8NMQUS]


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