Alexis & Leroy Stripe Canvas Espadrilles

I got these espadrilles for my daughter because despite having a closet full of shoes she keeps wearing the same canvas flats daily and frankly it was starting to annoy me.

These are a super cute shoe and look even nicer in sunlight. I didn’t realize until we went down to the bus stop that the pink thread sparkles in the light. I love the pattern of these because it is intricate but doesn’t take away from whatever outfit you want to wear them with.

She just got these so we will see how well they hold up but they seem very well made, she did wear them the whole day the first day right out of the box and said they didn’t hurt at all. The one thing to note is when you first start wearing them they feel tight and they’re a little hard to get on but once they’re on they’re comfortable, at least this is what my daughter told me.

She wears a size 6.5 and I ordered her the 6-6.5 and they fit fine, this is partly because the fabric has a lot of give in it once you get them on. These espadrilles do come in two different colors, the color we have and blue. However, they don’t come in very many sizes; they only come in 4.5, 5-5.5 and 6-6.5 so that doesn’t make them available to a lot of people. 

I think they’re cute, she thinks they’re cute and I don’t have to see her wearing her stinky shoes at least for a couple of days, my only other complaint other than them being hard to get on at first is that they don’t come in my size. 🙂

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