Uphome Colorful Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain

I got this shower curtain because my other one was getting old and a little icky so it was time to update. I am a fan of bright colors in the bathroom and I also like clean, modern lines so this curtain was perfect for me.

I was worried when I read one of the reviews that said this was plastic because I already have my plastic liner up on the inside of my shower and then I always have a [amazon text=fabric curtain&asin=B01820EGXQ] on up on the outside. This is not plastic, this is definitely a fabric curtain and most definitely feels like the polyester which is what it is made out of. (If this helps at all I was an Interior Designer for years so I know what fabric feels like.)

This has the things I look for in a [amazon text=shower curtain&asin=B01820EGXQ], bright colors, metal grommets on top, nice stitching and not too heavy and not too light. I hate when they are so light that when you open the bathroom door they look like they’re going to float away or when they are so heavy that they don’t allow any light at all into the shower. There is also a slight sheen to this fabric (mostly because it is made from polyester) and that helps bounce light off of it a little which also makes it seem brighter and happier. Even my daughter keeps saying how nice it makes the bathroom look.

I went with the shorter length curtain and it is perfect for me.This does come with hooks but I forgot to show them in my review because I didn’t use them but they are plain white plastic hooks.

I tried to show the [amazon text=curtain&asin=B01820EGXQ] in my video review but our bathroom is pretty small so I’m not sure if I conveyed how nice this is in person but I hope it helps a little.  I should also add that the actual colors of this shower curtain are much brighter in person than they are in my video. They are much closer to the images in the amazon listing, this partly because the lighting in my bathroom has a yellow hue to it. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01820EGXQ]

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