Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer

I’ve tried out 2 other makeup organizers along with this one and this one is way more impressive than the other two I’ve tried.

I have included my other 2 organizers in my video review to point out things that I like about this one compared to the other two. Granted, the other two I show were about half the price of this one, there is a reason for that, and as they always say, “you get what you pay for”.

First, this [amazon text=organizer&asin=B0193K6Z8S] is considerably larger than my other two. I was worried that because of this it wouldn’t fit well on my bathroom counter since I have an upper cabinet but I found that I had no issue at all. I was actually able to combine my other two organizers and put almost everything into this one (I could have put everything in this one but honestly I didn’t want to, I wanted this one for me and then a smaller one for the family).

I have a ton of makeup brushes and if you’re thinking it is because I have and wear a lot of makeup you would be wrong, it is because I hate washing them so I have more than one set so that I have time for my brushes to dry when I do get around to washing them. 🙂 Luckily all of my brushes easily fit into one drawer on this organizer with enough room to spare to hold my only, lonely pallet and my blackhead removing kit.

One of my favorite features about this is the top compartments. I have essential oils that I like to keep in my organizer but my large essential oils never fit right in my other organizers and they fit perfectly in this one. Also, my eyelash curler(s) fit perfectly with the curler part down in the top compartments as well and they also fit in the drawers with ease.

I have included some basic measurements for this [amazon text=organizer&asin=B0193K6Z8S] on my video review in case you are wondering. One of the most important things to note on these types of organizers is how smoothly the drawers open and close and these work great. They are nice and smooth whether they are full or not. Also, the handles are easy to grip which is another important thing to note. The bottom of this unit has silicone feet that keep it from getting scratched on the counter and the top piece (which is removable) is held on with tiny fit that slide into holes on the top of the lower section.

I had more than enough room with this [amazon text=organizer&asin=B0193K6Z8S] with room to spare, so you know what that means. I guess it’s time to buy some more makeup. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B0193K6Z8S]

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