Luckyfine Styrofoam Mannequin Head


I got this styrofoam head because I knit and I seem to knit a lot of hats and I wanted a way to display them without always having to have me in the picture. By the way if you are bored and want to see my knitting projects visit 

I really like the delicate features of this [amazon text=display&asin=B016UKUVHU]. Although I also do a lot of men’s hats I still think that it work well to photograph all of my hats. I have included measurements in the written part of my review but I feel like this is pretty close to a standard head size if not a little smaller.

My only complaint is that when it arrived there were already some gouges on it, mostly under the neck, and then a couple of smaller ones here and there. Since it is lightweight styrofoam I understand that this will happen but I was hoping that I would have it a little while and used it a bit before having to deal with that.

Other than that it is a lovely [amazon text=display&asin=B016UKUVHU] for my items and it will do the job and I don’t need to put makeup on this to get a good picture. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B016UKUVHU]

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