Crazy Genie Rose Gold Flower Bracelet


This is a stunning little bracelet from Crazy Genie. I am a big fan of rose gold, it is so pretty and since I’m not a fan of yellow gold it is a nice alternative.  If you have not seen anything with a rose gold finish on it in real life you really should, it is beautiful. 

This [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B018K0FW5O] would be great for a younger girl or a woman. The flowers make it the perfect subject for a younger girl, but the stones on it and the finish make it pretty enough for a woman to wear everyday or for a special occasion.

I have included measurements on the video part of my review as well as some close up shots. As pretty as I think it looks on me I think it would be absolutely gorgeous on someone with a darker complexion than me, and that would be pretty much anyone that isn’t paper white. 🙂

Really my only complaint about this bracelet is the way that it is packaged. If this had even come in a simple cardboard jewelry box or something to make it’s presentation match how pretty the bracelet is that would have made this a million times better. That being said, this [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B018K0FW5O] would make a great gift for Easter, Mother’s day, a Birthday or really any occasion, Groundhog day, President’s day, Wednesday…

Overall, it’s a simple yet beautiful [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B018K0FW5O] with a lovely finish.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B018K0FW5O]

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