Xtava Infrared Flat Iron

xtava flat iron before and after


5 stars are not enough for this product. It works amazingly well and the price is fantastic. Right off the bat I took it out of my amazon box and it was packaged in a beautiful sleek black box. I opened the packaged and was surprised to find that the [amazon text=iron&chan=mwlr affiliate id&asin=B00RFWKUWO] came in a nice zippered bag that is heat resistant. There were instructions included as well which was nice because this iron is a million times better than my store bought ceramic iron.

I plugged in my iron and pressed the power button and the LED display lit up. It was already set at the recommended temperature for my (in this case my daughter’s) hair type. It says it takes 2 minutes to heat up but I think it was quicker than that. We combed her hair and got started. This thing is so smooth when ironing the hair you can barely feel it. Also it was way quicker than my previous iron. Her hair was softer, smoother and shinier after using it. The 360 swivel on the cord was great because I didn’t have to keep untwisting the cord like I have to with my previous iron.

This thing looks cool. As soon as you turn it on the red light inside the iron comes on. The iron itself is black and streamlined. It locks shut to make transporting it easier and the cord is nice and long.

Overall, if you are wondering if you should buy this- BUY IT!!! It is a great iron for a great price and I’m 100% amazed with the way my daughter’s hair looks. If you were thinking of getting it for a gift buy two- one for the gift and one for yourself. I have to finish writing this review so I can go do my hair now.

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[amazon asin=B00RFWKUWO&template=iframe image&chan=mwlr affiliate id]

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