Novawo Double Layer Poncho


This Novawo double layer poncho is a very lovely lightweight poncho. I got the white with the gray contrasting material because it is high contrast which I love. The pattern is unique especially with the asymmetrical cut and the way the tassels are placed.

I tried this [amazon text=poncho&asin=B016DAXFPM] on myself first and it looked great, the neck was the perfect size, I hate when they are huge and this one was fit more like a t-shirt neck. Unfortunately my daughter saw this and I’m pretty sure she’s already claimed it for her own which is fine, I’m kind of honored that she likes the same things I like. The beauty of this design is not only did it look good on me and fit me well (I’m plus size), it also fit my 10 year old daughter! The longest part of this is approximately 32” when laying flat but it does have a lot of give in the material so the measurement can change depending on who is wearing it.

This [amazon text=poncho&asin=B016DAXFPM] is very soft but you are going to want to be careful because it seems to be delicate as well. The knit has a slightly open pattern which means it can get caught on things easier so I would not consider this an every day [amazon text=poncho&asin=B016DAXFPM] if there is such a thing.

This is a great look for fall, I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a winter poncho because it isn’t very warm but definitely fall and spring. Now to figure out a way to hide it from my daughter. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B016DAXFPM]

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