Cheetah Sports 3 wheeled scooter

I got this Cheetah sports 3 wheeled scooter as a gift so I have to admit that it hasn’t been used yet but I wanted to at least do a video review of the product so anyone who is interested in purchasing it could get a better view of it.

For the main part this seems like a fairly well made little [amazon text=scooter&asin=B00V9C6L0Q]. I’ve tried out a few scooters now and although this is not the best one I’ve tried for this price it seems good. The wheels are urethane so they won’t be bothered by rocks when riding, the deck is plastic but wide enough for a child’s foot. The grips are rubber and solid. The brake on the back of this works easily and the handle comes off quickly for storage but does not come off easily for a child to do it which is a good thing.

My only complaint with this is the weight limit. It says on the user’s manual that it will only hold 44 pounds. My kids are pretty big, my son isn’t quite 4 and he weighs almost 50 pounds but he’s tall and solid built (the kid’s a giant); because of this weight limit I can’t see anyone much older than 5 being able to use this unless they are small and there aren’t a lot of kids younger than 5 that have the ability to ride a scooter but I know there are some, my daughter has friends who are 10 and barely weigh more than 50 pounds. Just be aware of this weight limit issue.  If you are in need of the dimensions for this otherwise it is 21″L, 9″W and 26″H

Other than that I see no faults with this [amazon text=scooter&asin=B00V9C6L0Q] so far, it’s really cute and if your child is small enough it is a good little starter scooter. 

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00V9C6L0Q]

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