YCOMI Roller Skate Sneakers

I got these roller skate shoes for my daughter, I feel like everything I get lately is for my daughter, she’s lucky she’s a good kid. 🙂 When she saw them she must have told me a hundred times that she wanted to try them. The day that they arrived we were on our way to the gym and she put them right on, wore them into the gym and has pretty much been wearing them whenever possible since.

These are kind of like the [amazon text=roller shoes&asin=B01KWX33DU] that were popular years ago but I believe they are a little different. These have two wheels in each shoe and you can either wear them with both wheels or you can pop out the top one and just use the back wheels or you can press a button on the back of the shoe and push the back wheel in and there is a cover to go over it so you can in theory wear these just like sneakers; of course if you do this the lack of front wheel leaves a big hole so be aware of that.

I’m confused by the listing for these because it says that these are LED but I didn’t see anything light up and there is no place to recharge so I think that might be an error. I will say that my daughter’s only complaint about these is that the pattern isn’t her favorite. It is nice that these shoes come in larger sizes for big kids but the patterns don’t really look like anything older kids would want to wear. If you are also not a fan of this pattern there are 4 patterns available but they’re all some variation of  blue or pink. That being said when it comes to the sizing it seems to be pretty accurate, I ordered my daughter’s regular size and she said they are comfortable and fit her well.

There were no instructions included with our [amazon text=roller shoes&asin=B01KWX33DU], that would have been nice to have. It took us a little while to figure out exactly what the button on the back was for and they came with some sort of tool that we still don’t know why it was included, we think maybe to take out the top wheel but as you will see in my video my daughter was able to do that with her hands.

Overall my daughter thinks these are a lot of fun. I would recommend wearing a helmet especially when first learning how to use these because they do take some getting use to especially if you have both wheels in. Otherwise have fun, don’t tell anyone they have wheels and mesmerize your friends and family, just be careful. 🙂

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