Puredown Twin Comforter

I got this Puredown twin comforter for my son’s room. He has the coldest room in the house and I always dress him warm at night and try my best to keep the room warm but it still always feels drafty to me. All of the typical toddler comforters didn’t seems warm enough to me so I thought I would go this route and then get him a duvet cover for the comforter so that he can change styles easily as he gets older.

He says this is very warm which you may be saying, “he’s a little kid, how would he know the difference?”, believe me, he does and he will tell you if he doesn’t like something. Because this is a down comforter it doesn’t have to be overly thick to be warm which is nice for my little guy, he doesn’t need anything too puffy on his race car bed. The material is a little bit scratchy when you first open it (very little bit but worth mentioning) and since it is dry clean only I highly recommend a duvet on this which is really what it is made for anyway. The cut on this comforter is generous, it is hard to tell on a race car bed but I did get a shot of it on it so you could get a general idea.

This comforter is a baffle box design which means it is made to be warm. The overall size of it si 68″ x 88″ and it has 23 ounces of down filling with 700 fill power. 

Overall, this is warm yet not overly thick and not super thin either. This is the perfect solution for my son’s comforter needs. Now to find a duvet with dinosaurs or cars and he’ll be all set.

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puredown All-Season Down Comforter Baffle Box Design Duvet Insert 700 Filling Power Twin (Kitchen)

Benefits of Using Down Comforter

Sleeping is the only time you allow yourself to get some rest. So why not get the most of out of it, right?

The benefits you’ll enjoy once you start using a down comforter include

Incomparable and longer warmth thanks to the blanket’s ability to trap body heat within the filling.

Comfort during the summer season thanks to its breathability, allowing sweat and moisture to pass through the filling. This prevents your body from overheating even if you are a warm sleeper

High Quality Stuffing

Our down and feather are selected and disinfected strictly. With its high fluffyness and softness, our product can significantly improve users’ sleeping quality.

Storage Method

Many people store their comforters during off seasons. The key to storing your comforter is breathability.

Letting the down breathe by keeping your comforter in a cloth bag will prevent any moisture or odor build up.

It should also be stored in a location where it is not compressed and has room to stay fluffy.

Give your comforter a good shake when you take it out of the bag next season and it should be ready to go


Down Comforter is vacuum packed during delivery. Please allow 24 hrs to recover its full loft. We recommend that you have your down comforter professionally dry cleaned

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