National Standard Universal Fit 3-Piece Heavy Duty Floor Mat


I actually thought these were going to be a lot thinner than they were which made me worried but to my surprise these are very thick and seem very well made. We get a lot of snow and mud and rain where we live so heavy duty floor mats are a must. We recently purchased a “new” (new to us) truck and old floor mats from our SUV didn’t match. Also, I really liked the fact that these back seat mats went all the way across; our old ones didn’t and I have 2 kids and 2 dogs so I need as much of the truck covered as possible because they’re always messy.

There are a lot of grooves and ridges in these so that they will hold the water and snow that will inevitably end up in them, I mean it’s early October and it’s already snowing here. These covered all the spaces we need them to. We have a 2007 Ford F150 Crew cab so there is a lot of space to cover. We did not have to trim these at all except for the top where they come attached to a hanger and we only had to use a pair of kitchen scissors to do that and I bet it could have been done with regular scissors.

So far so good on these mats, I have no doubt that they will hold up but if for any reason they don’t I will update my review.

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Universal Fit 3-Piece Full Set Ridged Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat – (Black) National Standard Products® (Black)

Features: 3PC Set – 2 Fronts – 1 Rear Runner, Easy to Install. Easily Trimble for a perfect fit. Fits all
Most Vehicles., Rubber Material – Easy to Clean- 100% Washable Material – Replace
or Help protect your OEM Floor Mats., All Weather- Protect against Rain- Snow – Mud, National Standard Products

3PC Set . { 2 }Fronts {1 } Rear Runner , Easy to Install. Easily Trimble for a perfect fit. Fits all Most Vehicles. The Rubber Material is Easy to Clean, Washable Material. Replace or Help protect your OEM Floor Mats. All Weather, Protect against Rain, Snow, Mud.
National Standard Products
New From: $19.98 USD In Stock

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