Shamrock Industrial Grade Work Gloves

My husband bought these for himself despite the mixed reviews. He has the worst time with gloves because he has what I like to call, “banana hands” or “sausage mitts” seriously he can fit a quarter through his wedding band and so he has never found a glove that fit him that didn’t break immediately until he got these.

There were no issues with these [amazon text=gloves&asin=B00TU1EOY8] being stuck together or breaking immediately (I read in other reviews that this was an issue). He has been using them to work on his motorcycle and to clean our hot tub and has used at least 10 sets now and only one set broke and it was between his fingers where they are the tightest and I think he said it got caught on something.

These [amazon text=gloves&asin=B00TU1EOY8] are going to be put to good use come camping season as well because we always wear gloves at the dump station (I can’t believe that everyone doesn’t) and now we know that my husband’s hands will be completely protected.

FYI: I did not received these for a review, we paid full price for this product. 
[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00TU1EOY8]

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