VioGi Running Boards


Not only were these [amazon text=running boards &asin=B00M2ST1DU] easy to install (partly because the instructions were clear and easy to follow) but after we installed them our truck looks great.

Basic tools you need for install:
A socket set, (I believe we ended up using 13, 14 and 16mm sockets),a socket extender, a wrench and a headlamp and safety glasses don’t hurt. So, since those are the only tools you need you can guess that there isn’t a ton to the install of these.

I have added step by step instruction to my video review as well as images of the finished product. The first side took us a little while because we were filming and learning what we were doing right and what we are doing wrong (I put a couple tips in the video). Also, there’s the fact that we had a neighbor who decided to use his chainsaw while we were filming so we were trying to film in between cutting breaks. The second side took maybe 1/2 hour to install.

These seem very strong. My husband is not a small guy, I’m not a small girl for that matter, and these easily support us. I like that the tops have a tread on them to step on, we live in New York so things get awfully slippery in the winter. I also like that these are pretty low profile, they don’t take away from the look of our truck (2007 Ford F150).

Overall we are very happy with the install of these [amazon text=running boards &asin=B00M2ST1DU] and how they turned out. We’re also very happy with the fact that we no longer have to get a running start to get into our truck.


[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B00M2ST1DU]

[amazon asin=B00M2ST1DU&template=iframe image]

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