Zhenhui Hairstyle Foam Bun Maker

This Foam Bun Maker is admittedly a product that requires a little practice.

If you have long hair without layers you are going to find this easier to use that someone who doesn’t. I’ve been using them on my daughter’s hair which is medium length and has a few layers and it is hit and miss as to how well the finished style comes out but we are getting better at it.

I did a video review to show how to use the [amazon text=bun maker&asin=B014SRAOVK]¬†and the final look would have been better if I hadn’t been filming and trying to rush but it is what it is. The easiest way I’ve found to use these is to put your hair in a ponytail then put it into the middle of the roller and start rolling. Because my daughter does have the layers we found it was easier to roll under but I’m not sure it makes a huge difference, it’s just the end result will look a little different. These are very pliable so once you have your hair rolled you just bend them into a circle and pin the hair into place. The basics are quite easy and the finished look is rather stunning when done properly.

My daughter has worn this hairstyle to school and to Easter Sunday and it lasted all day, and she’s a kid so she’s a lot harder on hairstyles than most adults. This was also without adding hairspray, I’m sure it would have been even better if I had added that.

I have no doubt that there are more ways to use this but I’m not that creative. My only complaint is I thought these would have worked better if they were made more like a slap bracelet so they would stay together even better, pretty much your hair is what holds the final circle together and if you have a lot of thick hair I’m not sure it is going to work quite as well but I could be wrong.

Overall, for the main part these are easy to use and I’m sure if my daughter was a little older and practiced she could even do it herself. When it is done properly it really is a lovely look.

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