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I got this curler because I just had to know how this worked and how well it worked, for some reason the concept amazes me.

My daughter loves to have her hair curled, it is super straight and takes forever to curl so I tend to do rag curls at night so that I don’t have to curl it. I got this thinking she would be able to curl her hair on her own and I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting hurt or ruining her hair. Unfortunately I don’t see her being able to do this herself but I really liked using this so I don’t mind curling her hair for her now. ๐Ÿ™‚

This [amazon text=curler&asin=B01CHC8VYK]ย does take some practice. The first couple of strands of hair we did got kinked up and almost caught in the [amazon text=curler&asin=B01CHC8VYK] and I was super nervous I was going to ruin her hair, so some advice is to start in the back on the bottom until you get the hang of it. I read the directions a couple of times and they were helpful but you have to actually use it to get the hang of it. I have done a video review to show how to work it (please excuse my messy bathroom, it’s been a crazy week and I didn’t notice the messes until after I watched the video).

Here’s the basics in a nutshell, plug in and turn on the [amazon text=curler&asin=B01CHC8VYK]. You can increase or decrease the heat setting but there is no way to know for sure how hot you need it based on your hair type, a chart in the users manual would be useful but I didn’t see one so I guess it is trial and error; we used the pre set setting. The temperature is in C not F which since I had no idea what temp I needed didn’t really bother me. There is an LCD indicator that lets you know when the curler is at temperature. You can also choose if you want right curls, left curls or let the machine do it automatically (we chose automatic).

There are two very nice hair clips included that you can use to get your extra hair out of the way while you curl and to keep your curled hair away from your uncurled hair. There is also a cleaning tool included but I haven’t tried that yet.

To get started you take a stand of hair, the smaller it is the curlier it will get, and put it in the machine where you want the curl to start (close to your head) and close the handle. Make sure the hair goes in to the slot with the opening towards your head and that you hold it the way it shows in the directions so that it doesn’t kink up on you. If there is too much tension in your hair the machine will beep and you will have to try it again. You will hear 3 slow beeps and then 3 quick beeps, when you hear the 3 quick beeps take the curled hair out. That’s it.

My daughter and I kept having contests to guess when it was going to beep, there is a rhythm to it so that was fun. Also, this curled her hair much quicker than a standard curling iron and took the guess work out of trying to figure out if it was curled or not plus it was way more fun than a standard curling iron.

I still don’t think she will be able to do this on her own or that I would even be able to do this on my own but that could change after we use it a few more times. We are going to try it again when there isn’t still conditioner in her hair and see how it turns out and I will try to add after photos when I do.

Lots of fun and unique hair contraption. ๐Ÿ™‚

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