USB Phone Charging Bracelet for Android or Iphone

If you’re anything like me you get in the car sometimes with your near dead phone and realize you don’t have a charging cord. This happens to me a lot because my husband has an Iphone and I have an Android and so I think there is a cord in there but there isn’t. That is where this [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B01906QTFE] comes in. I love the concept of this bracelet. I am a big fan of functional jewelry, it just makes sense. This [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B01906QTFE] also solves a pretty common problem in our house because it seems like everything requires a micro charger and we can’t seem to have enough of them.

There are a couple of slight problems with this [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B01906QTFE] but nothing too awful. The silliest problem being that I forgot I had it. 🙂 I seriously just needed a cable to charge my phone with my battery bank and couldn’t find one that wasn’t in use and then realized I was wearing one. If it helps any I’m a stay at home working mom so my mind never seems to work right these day.

My real problem with this is that it is a little bit difficult to get on and off. There is the possibility that after a while I will get more use to it and it will get easier. I included a video of the [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B01906QTFE] and you can see me having issues putting it on on there but to be fair that was my first time trying. There is always the option of hooking it onto my purse or messenger bag as a decoration rather than wearing it as just a [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B01906QTFE] but time will tell which I prefer.

The [amazon text=bracelet&asin=B01906QTFE] is approximately 7.5″ long and there is no give in that measurement. It fit me fine and was comfortable and lightweight but that might not be the case for everyone. There are 4 colors and 2 phone options available, white, blue, pink and black pearls and each are compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3, Google Nexus, Blackberry One plus, HTC LG and any Iphone that uses a lightening cable. 

As far as charging speed, I plugged this into my USB extender and it seemed to charge a little over 10%/hour. Obviously that is going to change depending on what you are using, if you’re using a battery bank it is going to depend on your bank’s power. Since I used my extender there is the possibility that it would have been quicker if charging in a more direct manner but that wasn’t a possibility for me because there doesn’t seem to be an available USB port in this house. 🙂 This is a short cord but that is perfectly fine with me since I will typically use this in the car or with my battery bank, I don’t anticipate this being my main charger, I already have a bunch of those at varying lengths.

Overall, it is simple and pretty and design, it works, it is comfortable to wear and it is lightweight, if it was a little easier to get on and off I would love it rather than just like it. 🙂

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01906QTFE]


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