Dandelion Wish Necklace

I wanted this dandelion necklace for two reasons, (1) I have kids and they absolutely love blowing the dandelion seeds off the “flowers” so this reminds me of them and (2) I remember my mother having a somewhat similar necklace when I was a kid that was a mustard seed and I always thought it was the coolest thing.

This [amazon text=necklace&asin=B01DY3RSP4] is nicer that I thought it would be considering the price. It is a standard chain that is 12″ long when flat so it is a little longer than a standard chain. My dandelion seed was placed in there well, it looks like it is mid flight and I like that it isn’t perfectly straight up and down because it conveys motion since it is as a slight angle. The little “wish” plaque above the pendant is what really makes this necklace. There is some sort of pattern that I can only see when it catches the light that almost looks like snowflakes, I don’t know if this is just from the material or what but I liked it. I tried to get it to show up in my video review but I don’t think it came through clearly.

This is by no means an expensive [amazon text=necklace&asin=B01DY3RSP4] and if you’re planning on giving it as a gift it would probably be best suited for a younger person AND if you are planning on giving it as a gift you are going to want to find a better way to present it since it just arrives in a clear plastic bag. Otherwise it is a nice little [amazon text=necklace&asin=B01DY3RSP4].

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01DY3RSP4]

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