Timemory Emoji Capri Pants

All the patterns of these that my daughter could have chosen and she went with the emoji ones but she and her friends are obsessed with emojis so I guess I can see why.

She loves these [amazon text=capris&asin=B01D1LK38S] but I thought the design on the back was a little weird, I’m not sure why the emoji print isn’t all over the whole thing.

These fit her well with room to spare. She typically wears a girl’s 14 or a women’s XS/S (depending on the brand) and we ordered a size small which is listed as a US XS. She said they were super comfortable and all her friends at school loved them. I’ve seen other products from this company and I thought the print on these were a little muted and on the edge of blurry and that is probably because I am comparing them to other items that are super vivid and lovely.  They definitely look different than the picture in the amazon listing. If you don’t like the [amazon text=emoji print&asin=B01D1LK38S] (and honestly I don’t blame you if you do) these come in 30 different patterns including patriotic, sugar skulls, abstract, star wars, disney, comic book characters, super heros, and many, many more. 

No matter what my daughter thinks these [amazon text=capris&asin=B01D1LK38S] are cool and since they’re hers and not mine that is what is important.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01D1LK38S]

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