Nagoo Juniors Thumb Hole Funnel Neck Hoodie

I got this funnel neck hoodie for my daughter, she is getting older and seems to be outgrowing her clothes quicker than I can get them and she agreed that this was stylish enough for her to wear. 🙂

This is a very cute [amazon text=hoodie&asin=B01JKVOOK6] but I do have a couple of issues with it. This is rather thin which is not necessarily a bad thing because my daughter said it is very warm. My main problems with this is that the color is not what we thought it would be. The product image made it look like it was closer to a hunter or molly green but really it is closer to an olive green and on the cusp of being a brown-green so my daughter was a little disappointed that it was not the green she was expecting. She is is obsessed with the green arrow so I think she was hoping for something closer to that look. That being said this does come in other colors including, [amazon text=black&asin=B01JKVOOK6], [amazon text=blue&asin=B01JKVONNY] and [amazon text=gray&asin=B01JKVOMW6]. 

Also the material at the top looks like a different material than the product images but this one is harder to tell for sure. I thought the product images made it look more like a sherpa material which you would commonly see in hoodies but it is actually closer to a fuzzy fleece material which is nice for now but I’m sure after a few washes this will get matted and not be quite as soft.

My other complaint is the [amazon text=hood&asin=B01JKVOOK6] comes to a point, I am honestly not a fan of this look despite the fact that I collect gnomes. My daughter looked like a little gnome when she put the hood up. This is obviously a personal opinion thing but definitely worth noting.

Those are all the negatives and the positives outweigh them I think. The fit is good and very close to US sizes if not right on. I went a size up because it is a hoodie and as I said my daughter seems to be growing ridiculous amounts daily. You will hear in my video review that my husband is commenting on how nice the pockets are and he makes a good point. Because these pockets are vertical rather than horizontal or at an angle like most pockets you are less likely to have your items in them fall out, however they are pretty loose so it is still a possibility so be careful when your phone or wallet are in there.

My favorite feature is the thumb holes. When I was in high school, many, many years ago, I would do this with all of my sweaters and I loved how it made me feel that much warmer, it is certainly a comfort thing that once you do it you want everything to have thumb holes.

This is a funnel neck which is another trend I love and I own a funnel neck hoodie myself, I do feel that the neck on this could have been a little bit bigger to make the funnel bigger but again that is just my opinion.

Overall it is a comfortable [amazon text=hoodie&asin=B01JKVOOK6], it is warm, it is stylish and other than the color my daughter is happy with it and she wants to wear it which is the most important thing.

[amazon text=Click Here For Detailed Product Information From Amazon&asin=B01JKVOOK6]

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